Monday, January 01, 2007

"Globetrotting '06" In the Bookstore?!

Believe it or not, this is much closer to reality than you might have guessed. …Than I might have guessed, even. As I explained in my introduction to this blog – and have reiterated since – I write primarily for myself and not for others. I write so that I can capture and hold onto my most extraordinary memories, some of which, sadly, may otherwise fade with time. But what exactly is a writer without any readers, I wonder? I have been quite surprised by the number of people who have read at least part, if not all, of this blog; and I have been even more surprised by the feedback they’ve given me. To my astonishment, multiple readers have urged me to publish this blog in book-form; in fact, the strongest encouragement actually came from a couple individuals already highly involved in the publishing industry. So, what else is there to say? You can’t get enough of “Globetrotting ‘06”? Buy your own copy, and you can fall asleep with it every night! More detailed information will be posted in the near future about how you can get your copy, but – for now – look for these upcoming posts:

1. A link to my last batch of pictures, once they have been uploaded to Webshots
2. My final post about Taiwan
3. A short conclusion to my epic

Following this, much of the blog will be taken down in preparation for publication in February. Again, details about this will be posted soon. Until then, enjoy my movie (which includes a promotional segment on the book, whose working title is currently STOKED ON LIFE), have a wonderful holiday season, and cherish these last few weeks in the life of “Globetrotting ’06.”


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